Salmon Cove / Perry's Cove Pastoral Charge
SUNDAY, APRIL 19 - Riverside United in Salmon Cove at 11 am:

The ROCK Club invites you to "Camping Sunday."  Dress appropriately and comfortably as we gather to highlight God's presence within creation and take the opportunity to experience the spirituality of camping. Please consider an extra donation for our church's Burry Heights Camping program.

7 pm - Regular Worship at Perry's Cove

Our Pastoral Charge serves two small communities on the northern part of the Avalon Peninsula - Salmon Cove and Perry's Cove. We are a part of the East District of the Newfoundland and Labrador Conference of The United Church of Canada.

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Normally, each congregation worships separately every Sunday on a rotating 11 am and 7 pm schedule. The major change to that schedule is during the summer months (from the beginning of June to Labour Day) when both congregations worship together at 11 am, alternating between the two communities. Our summer worship schedule is very flexible and changes readily to accommodate community events, so please ensure you have a copy. If, for some reason, the clergy is not available for regular Sunday worship then only the regularly scheduled 11 am worship service is held under lay leadership.  

The congregation of Perry's Cove United has authorized the Board of Management to proceed with plans to reshingle the roof of the church. This is scheduled to take place in the summer of 2015. Meanwhile, plans are being formulated to begin fundraising for the project.

Our first appeal to all members of our congregation is to donate the price of a bundle of shingles. Donations of $40 per bundle can be made directly to the church or included in your weekly offering envelope, clearly designated for the Roofing Fund. 

Other fundraising events will be planned and shared in the near future.